Specialty Treatments  


Shiatsu: Originating in Japan, this literal "finger pressure" technique uses slow, vertical, steady, firm pressure with intent to calm the sympathetic nervous system and tonify the parasympathetic. The two basic concepts of Shiatsu are: Kyo (seen as the origin of health and structural problems), an area that feels depleted of energy and Jitsu, an area of excess energy. Balancing the Yin and Yang aspects of the body will increase vitality to all the meridians and overall strength of your body. This treatment is a blend of the two major Shiatsu techniques.

Back Treatment: Chronic back pain with little relief from modern treatments? This modality applys famous osteopath Dr. Randolph Stone's techniques by manipulating the soft tissue of the posterior and anterior sides of the core body, in an effort to restore a balanced distribution of energy in the back. Incorporates Polarity and CranioSacral techniques. 

Whiplash Treatment: Whether you've been in an accident or you just have a stiff neck, this technique can help relieve a compressed cervical spine. It begins by detailing the muscles along the anterior and posterior cervical vertebra and allows the spine to elongate through coccyx stimulation. A balanced flow of energy through the spine will allow healing to take place. This technique combines Core Synchronism, Polarity Therapy and Swedish massage. 

Treatment for a Tipped Pelvis: Does it seem you have one leg longer than the other? Or just feel a bit off balance? It's most likely an imbalance with the structure of our being: the hips! This treatment integrates CranioSacral, Polarity Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupressure with intent to balance and ground our structure. 

Polarity Tx to balance Sympathetic Nervous System: This system activates our "fight" or "flight" response, which in today's world can be out of balance a lot. Symptoms of pupil dilation, increased sweating, increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure indicate an imbalanced Sympathetic Nervous System. This method restores balance to this system. 

*all Speciality Txs are considered Therapeutic in nature and are priced same as a therapeutic massage