Oil cleansing

I am not a "product" person; the less I can use, the better for me. So I asked our fabulous esthetician, Jasmin Estes, what a girl like me can do about cleansing my skin. Can I use items regularly found in my kitchen? Short answer: yes! Oil cleansing is an old method used for restoring the skin.
"The key is getting an oil that works best for your skin," says Jasmin. "Botanical oils are compatible with human sebum, meaning they are able to penetrate into the pores bringing with it the beneficial properties of that oil. As compared to a conventional product, which is usually water-based and can pass through the trans-epidermal barrier." So why is that important? 

Transepidermal water loss is loss of water from the stratum corneum layer. This fluctuates with humidity levels in the environment, which means our dry air of New Mexico contributes to significant water loss in the skin. Another irritant is the skin's exposure to solvents, which remove barrier lipids. Lipids play a crucial role in our skin's barrier function, as well as cell-to-cell signaling. With everything in the air and environment these days, our skin can use all the help we can give!

Since our skin is different in many ways, here is a general compost of Jasmin's oil recommendations for common skin types:




Evening Primrose



Kukui Nut

Black Cumin Seed



Sweet Almond


These are just a few recommendations and it's important that you play around and see what oils work best for your skin. 
I have found some oils to work better in different seasons, or during a breakout, etc. Some oils make my skin breakout more, so it's important to listen to your skin and understand that these methods may take time for your skin to adjust. 

Essential oils can be a helpful adjustment to your skin care. One to two drops can be added to your cleansing oil. Remember: one drop of essential oil equals ten cups of tea! Too much externally and you could overwhelm your system, so never use essential oils internally.

Recommended essential oils added to carrier oil:


Tea Tree





Ylang Ylang



Clary Sage



Essential oils NOT recommended on your face: 
- Citrus oils (they make the skin sensitive to the sun)
- Clove, peppermint, and astringent oils (can be burning/high irritants)

Step-by-step method:

1. Put a quarter size amount of the oil of your choice in your palm. Add one drop of essential oil if you please.

2. Rub together in palms to warm. 

3. Massage into face gently in circular motions -no scrubbing- paying close attention to trouble areas: breakouts, dry areas, etc. with slightly more pressure. Feel free to massage for as long as feels good to you, and don't skimp on your ears! Massaging your ears is a wonderful reflexology and will release tension all over your head, as well as, relieve sinus pressure. 
Massage stimulates collagen production to prevent premature aging and promotes circulation in the skin to give you a nice glowing feel. This happens anywhere you massage, not just the face ;) 
Do all of this for at least one minute. It is normal for the skin to feel gritty, that is trapped dirt and oil coming out of the skin. 

4. Get a washcloth and saturate it with warm water. Ring it out, open it up and lay it on the face  for 30 seconds or until it gets cold. Gently wipe away the oil paying close attention to areas that need exfoliation.

5. Feel your face. Is it dry? Pat a few drops of your carrier oil on your skin in those dry areas. Is it oily? Repeat step four. 

Oil cleansing is done correctly if the skin is dewy and clean, glowing, not shining or too dry. A light sheen is fine, but be sure you're not able to take oil away. 
This is to be done on a dry face with or without make-up on. Make-up remover can be done on top of the oil, or you can apply a cotton ball with a small amount of oil and wipe away gently. Too much oil can seep into your eyes so the smallest amount that will gently wipe away, not scrub away, is recommended. 

And that's it! Easy peasy :) Products recommended after cleansing will vary from morning to evening and of course be dependent on your skin type! Come in for an amazing facial today and let Jasmin give you recommendations specific to your skin! 

*cheyanna bea