Magnesium Masquerade

Masks. They come in all shapes and sizes. They're worn for many different reasons and some can contribute to health decline. Magnesium deficiency could be masquerading as a migraine or even osteoporosis! 

Magnesium is just one of the six macro-minerals that comprise 99% of our body's needed mineral content. Calcium, chloride, phosphorus, potassium and sodium are the other essential macro-minerals.

Our body requires a sufficient amount of minerals to keep it not only functioning, but flourishing! A healthy diet of a wide variety of foods can help your body absorb the minerals needed. However, we might not be getting all our body needs from the food we eat.

Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. and founder of the American Holistic Medical Association says,

"The problem is magnesium absorption, as well as magnesium deficiency in our diets. The soil in every country in the world except Egypt has been farmed to a point of magnesium depletion… Furthermore, magnesium salts are laxatives so that all of them may lead to a more rapid gut transit time. Magnesium needs to travel through the intestinal system slowly, so if the gut transit time is less than twelve hours, one is not likely to absorb the magnesium well.”

So what do we do to ensure we're getting enough of our daily minerals?

Extensive studies on the ability of transdermal absorption have concluded that the unique properties of supersaturated transdermal magnesium raises intracellular magnesium levels in nearly all studied individuals. This allows magnesium to travel to the body’s tissues and cells at high doses without losses through the gastrointestinal tract.

Transdermal magnesium applications have almost no precautionary observations. Most people can absorb easily through the skin as it automatically regulates safe intake. But, as with any health questions it's best to discuss your concerns with a trusted doctor. 

Dr. Jinlen Silva has been using transdermal magnesium applications to help her patients with a wide array of concerns. At Gambei we prefer magnesium products from Ancient Minerals by Enviromedica, dedicated to providing the purest forms of ancestral resources, extracted from pristine reservoirs of natural nutrition.

In our functional wellness center we use magnesium flakes, gel and oil to saturate your skin. It can be very itchy at first, especially for those of us with fair skin, but the effects are magical and who doesn't need a little magic in their life? 

These applications are very simple and can be done at home! Gel and oil products are available for daily applications, but my personal favorite are the magnesium bath flakes. They're easy to use and cost-efficient. A body soak is ideal, but can use up a lot of flakes, at least six cups worth! So an alternative to a whole-body bath is a foot soak.

Take a cup or two of flakes and pour into a container you can put both your feet comfortably into. Fill the tub with water. Hot, cold, luke warm water -it's your preference- but melting the flakes with warm water first will help. Fair warning: if you like your water really hot beaware the magnesium will cool it down just a tad. 
Soak your feet for 20-30 minutes. Afterwards apply a synthetic-free moisturizer. You can do this in our shop added to a treatment or on it's own!

You can also put about two tablespoons of magnesium flakes into a spray bottle and after a shower, or in the heat of a cramp or jolt of pain, spray it on your body and let it dry. DO NOT spray near your genitals or eyes as it will get itchy and possibly painful. If the itching becomes too much apply coconut oil or your favorite moisturizer. 

If you've been experiencing any pain or general discomfort, give this a shot. It's easy and speaking from personal experience, it can be life-changing! Don't let pain and discomfort be a mask to a flourishing life!
 Ultimately, the road to optimum health is paved by a combination of therapies specific to your body's needs. This may just be the beginning or the final piece to set you in place. 

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